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Obsidian’s comprehensive suite of tools streamlines your technical infrastructure
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From your first to your millionth user, Obsidian’s flexible architecture seamlessly adapts to the growth of your business.

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Obsidian’s open-source core gives developers the power to extend its functionality with anything you dream up.

Across All Platforms

From TV to watches, you’re covered. Obsidian powers any app
on any platform with effortless portability.







Obsidian Server

A database-agnostic server application that provides a standardized, documented interface for common client-server tasks.

Obsidian iOS SDK

A Swift interface to the Obsidian Server API.

Obsidian iOS UI

A collection of iOS user interface components and utilities for use in a wide range of products.

Obsidian Embed

Generate iOS applications from static HTML sites. Produce fully-functional hybrid apps without Objective-C or Swift knowledge.

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